What’s up Dock?

Temps are dropping with the leaves at your home-port….

There is no such thing as an Indian Summer this year on the waterfront. Another good reason to make sure your pull-out plans are in order early, as you never know when the cold and freezing temps will stop by for a visit.

snow early

It’s Just Snow Early for this stuff….

After several days of rough weather we did catch a break in the last couple of days and have started to take the docks out as they migrate to shore for their long winter’s nap.


crane and docks

“R” Winter Hours..

With Winter firmly on the way, we have scaled back our store hours. We are Open Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10am to 3pm in the store/office, and 8am to 5pm daily in service. If you need help or would like to talk about docks for the 2020 season, just call or email us. We can meet you most anytime after hours at your convenience.

docks out