246 Candles on Uncle Sam’s Birthday Cake!..and more your weekend update.


246 is a lot of candles….

Happy Birthday America, you look great for any age; to the greatest country on earth we salute you. Freedom and Independence built this country and we hope you get a chance to enjoy a day of both here at your home-port this holiday!

boat with flag

This land is your land…

And although Vermilion suffered a fireworks setback due to weather during the Fish Festival, there will still be some fireworks from Cedar Point for you to view if traveling on the water this weekend as they celebrate their 152 year anniversary. All we need is some favorable lake conditions. On another quick note, if your looking for hotdogs and ice cream on this birthday occasion for the USA, Dairy Dock has both!

Oh, and remember sunscreen!


Important Safety Notice:

As we all know the marina has hundreds of boats docked that are full of gasoline, our environment is not suited for any type of fireworks. So we ask that for the safety of all of our Captain’s, Crew, Guests and their property; that fireworks on Romp’s Property are strictly prohibited.