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The Times…They’re a changing.

“R” hours and yours…

Well it’s that time of year again, the “Back to School” bug has hit us, as it does every year at this time. As a good bit of our staff head back to further their education, we here at your home-port need to update you on what that means for “R” business hours.

Here goes (by department):

Store/Office & Gas docks:

The Marina Store/Office will be open 8-6 weekdays and 8-7 Fri-Sat-Sun weather permitting, this also applies to the gas docks. Gas and pump-outs during the week may be self-serve.

Putter Port:

Will be open 1pm to 10pm weekends only starting Thursday Aug 28th. It will close for the season after Labor Day Weekend.


Will be open 10am – 6:30pm weekends only starting Aug 28th. It will also close after Labor Day Weekend.

Dairy Dock:

The Dock goes to a school schedule, meaning open at 11:30am and closing 9pm on school nights 10pm on Friday and Saturday.


We appreciate your understanding and sure hope to see you dockside!