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  • Marina Hours : Open 8am to 6pm - Daily

Open Saturdays..with care.

These are some uncertain times, we want all of our dockers and future dockers to know that we are well aware of the current conditions and are continually monitoring the latest news and official coronavirus updates. In our ongoing effort to guard against the spread of COVID-19, and to best serve you.

That said, we will be Open Saturday from 10am to 3pm.. but know that visitors are infrequent this time of year and we will be keeping safe distances as prescribed; plus we are actively cleaning and disinfecting as well.


On the plus side, as we look to the future post-virus, we were able to put the docks in, and at the beginning of next week we should have the river docks and gas docks assembled and out. So there is some progress being made.


So we hope you stop in, but please don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands. Also, the coffee is on us.

Hope to see you dockside.

Open Saturdays.. So March on in!

Are you Febru-weary? Maybe time to see a dock!

It’s kinda difficult to imagine it yet the days are getting longer, better times are just around the corner here at your favorite Lake Erie Marina. We can’t wait to go from the blahs of Winter to the sunny goodness of Launch Season.


Now Open Saturday’s…It’s not an oar-deal.

Moreover, now is the time to start to “Think Spring” and get your plans ready. To help you find where your boat would like to spend the summer, we are now Open Saturdays from 10am – 3pm.


Deja Brew!

Plus, now that February has officially drawn to a close we are hoping you have a chance get out of the house and stop by and see what we have to offer. We would like to show you around and talk boating to see where your Crew wants to drop anchor. Launch is drawing closer by the day. Plus the coffee is on us!


We hope to see you dockside! (coming soon to a marina near you)

Sunrise marina

March-ing in the right direction….

We’re on Daylight Cravings Time

With the days getting longer as daylight is extended with every passing hour, we here at your homeport are busy making plans for the boating season ahead. After all March is just another week away, and everyone knows that docks start to go back in the water mid-March.

docks going in

Put some Spring in your step….

We here at your family fun marina are also looking forward to our “It’s Almost Spring” Open House Party. We traditionally have this party in January but have moved it to March and closer to launch in hopes more snowbirds can join in the fun.


Details as follows :

Spring Open House

March 14th and 15th – 1pm to 4pm.

Bring your family and join us for an “Almost Spring” Party, we will have fun food, door prizes and gifts. Catch up with your dockmates, share your favorite fish stories, and plan for the season ahead. We hope to see you there!

open house

It’s Febrrrrrr-uary..One month closer!

Walking in a winter punderland

So the thick of Winter is upon us, what with the cold, snow and ice, but so what. There is no need to get discouraged, as we are one month closer to the good stuff. Like sitting dockside enjoying a refreshing cold one with your friends.

summer time

It deep-ends on your point of view..

Sure the Sun rarely makes an appearance this time of year, yet under that blanket of grey you can rest easy knowing a splashdown and sunshine is getting closer with the passing of each day.

r pool

We lake you a lot!

So just imagine if you will, what a view like the one below would cost? When your out on a boat, you get million dollar vistas that land owners fight over.

boating sunset lake erie

So we hope this cheered you up as much as it has us. When we look back, we can’t help but think forward. Hang in there the boating season is getting closer every day!



It’s ain’t easy being Freezy…

Just because it is January in Ohio doesn’t mean that there isn’t some fun in store in Vermilion. Tomorrow, February 1st, start your weekend off with a little ice carving and winter time celebration.

With Main Street Vermilion’s Ice A Fair

Our friends at MainStreetVermilion.org have put together a great event that is fun and free for the whole family.

Some excerpts from there website (visit the above link for the full schedule).

The day begins with chocolate! Ritter Public Library’s open the doors to their 2020 Chocolate Festival at 10AM. Sample a wide variety delicious chocolate confections and vote for the next Chocolate Champion of Vermilion. Tastes are only 50¢ each

More than 60 ice sculptures appear at 11AM up and down Main Street and Liberty Avenue, the heart of downtown Vermilion. Look for some fun, new additions including Corn Hole on Ice.

Plus much much more!

Fire and ice

courtesy MainStreetVermilion.orgSo Just Chill-Out with a family friendly event and melt those winter blahs away.

We hope to see you dockside!

Back….To the Future!

It’s Just “A Boat” Time…..

Let’s face it January is a tough month in Ohio. No sooner does the excitement of a New Year start then the realization of several weeks before you can launch. To help you mentally, just know that the picture below is your future, and we get closer with each passing day.

Vermilion River entrance

Chart your course now…

This is actually a good time of year to take inventory on what you need as the boating season approaches. First up would be your Boat Registration, you see even though it says 20 in bold numbers, the fine print says expired March 1st. So get those stickers renewed now.

Next on your list should be safety gear, flares, flags, Lifejackets etc. Go through your gear and make sure it is up to date AND you have plenty of Life Jackets for everyone. We recommend you carry a first aid kit as well (though not required).

It will save you a stop by the coast guard later, like when your making wake on a glass lake.

boat wake

What’s up Dock?…

Oh hey, let’s not forget the center piece to all this fun; that is “Where would your boat like to spend the summer?”. For when you tie up that is the portal to your entire boating experience. Is the place clean? Is it easily accessible? Friendly Staff? Nice Amenities? This is the time to really check into a homeport, and we here at Romp’s Family Fun Marina hope you give us a look.

We have been serving the boating public since 1957, though three generations of family and already can’t wait for another season. We would like to show you what we have to offer, in fact, now is when you get the best selection of docks to choose from.

So if you just bought a boat from the boat show, or  just trying to get your existing vessel sorted before the weather turns warm, smart captains are always a step ahead of the fleet.

Sunset at Romps

We hope to see you dockside!


Happy New Year!…Now back to work.

Our vision for a great boating season is 2020…

Well it was a very mild Christmas to New Year’s break, and we hope everyone enjoyed their time with family. We certainly had fun with ours as well, and thank all who sent well wishes our way.

Of course we are back in the garages getting the boats and docks ready for another splashdown. If you need assistance or want to secure a dock for 2020 and can’t make the hours shown below, just call we can meet you at most anytime convenient for you.

Store Hours10am to 3pm Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri
Service Hours – 8am to 5pm Weekdays

boat paint

Even on break, we are still boaters…

Some folks have asked us what we do for fun? Well, it is easy to guess. Though some of us had to go south for a bit, we still make time to boat no matter the body of water.


What they call a lake, we call a pond…

In comparison and at the end of the day, it still is not boating on Lake Erie. Between the record Walleye catch and the vastness of boating destinations, a day on the lake beats most on vacation elsewhere. After all, our captains get a whole summer of sunsets.


We hope to see you dockside!

Sleigh, what?…It’s Christmas Break!

Yule love time with family…

It’s that time of year again, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost etc, and we are very much looking forward, as we do every year, to spending some of that Christmas time with our family and friends.

But before we break out the eggnog, we better get you up to speed on what that means.

Santa list

Starting Saturday Dec 20th we will be closed and will be taking a couple of weeks off, we will return on January 6th.

We will still be in and out of the marina daily, so if you need us just email or call and leave a message and we will get back to your promptly. If your looking for a dock, we can arrange to meet you.


We hope you get Gold, Frankincense, and so very much Myrrh!

Other then that we are ready to  make Merry and hope that you are too. We wish all of our Captain’s and Crew the very best this Christmas, and so many, many good things to come in the New Year!

So stay warm, stay safe and enjoy your time with family, we will see you next year!



The Daily Grind…Literally.

From the “Stitch in Time” dept…

So the short days of Winter have started to show up along with some chilly temps at your home-port. Among the top questions we get this time of year is “What do you do in the winter, go to Florida?“.

first ice


Repair, Repaint, or Replace..

Florida? well, not exactly, in fact we are busy grinding, welding and painting docks, repairing boats and upgrading the marina in various ways from lighting to equipment repairs, and so much more.

"R" docks

You can see we really “Scrape” by…

Every year we take pride in getting the Marina ready for the next great boating season. As well as getting some of our captains in ship shape for the voyages ahead. Though we do take some time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the rest of the time we are right here at your home-port prepping for the days to come.

boat bottom paint

There’s a reason we’re thinking of next season…

So we hope this answers the question of what a marina does in the off-season. The answer is look forward to the “ON Season” (as in ON THE WATER) . Thanks for stopping by!


From our family to yours..Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day arrives just in time for family and fun.

We want to take a minute to thank all of our Captains and Crew for a great boating season. With Thanksgiving week arriving, we hope you get a chance to enjoy your time with family and friends. We also hope that any travels you may have are safe and not too much of a hassle.

Below is the first Romp’s Thanksgiving (imagined)


Turkey Day

We kid of course, but one of things we do need to share with you is the Marina’s hours will be a little different this week.

Romp’s will be closed Weds through Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving.

However, if an urgent situation arises and you need assistance just call us and leave a message or email us and we will get back to you. We are in and out of the marina several times a day even when on break.

We will be back at it on Monday, Dec 2nd.



This is a season of thanks, and we here at your homeport are very grateful, we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!