May..You be happy.

Well, these certainly are some very tough times for everyone as we continue to contend with the COVID19 effects on our country. We hope this finds all of our Captains and Crews healthy and happy as possible under some difficult conditions.

We are pool half full kind of people….

Some signs of better days ahead at the marina as we took the time to uncover the pool and get it started, in the hopes we can use it someday soon.


Launch..Launch…Launch the boats..gently down the stream.

Boats are making quite a splash at the marina these days as Launch season is now well underway. Our store/office will be open 9-4 Saturday and Sunday if you need assistance in filling out your launch order or if you have any questions we can assist you with.

Lyman Launch

Talk about your social distancing…

The Marina’s COVID19 Policy is here for those interested in the guidelines we must follow to remain open.  Also know that boating is a great way to get outdoors into some fresh air, and it will also allow you to distance yourself from the general public.

Here’s our idea of a safe distance…


Our family hopes you stay safe, and to see you dockside!