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“R” hours and yours…The Fall Schedule.

The times are a changing…

Well is was a pretty good run, but with the passing of Labor Day Weekend we also mush pass along information about “R” fall schedule.

First, with the passing of Labor Day both the Pool and Putter Port are now closed for the season. We thank all those who stopped by and enjoyed their time with us. We really appreciate the support!

Next up, our store/gas dock hours will revert to the fall schedule: Store/Office/Gas Dock open 9-5 daily.

Dairy Dock Closes soon

Also, the Dairy Dock will be wrapping up operations as September 10th will be the last day of the season for the stand. We really thank everyone who visited the dock this year, we are very grateful for your business.

Road Work Ahead…

Finally we will be performing some basic maintenance on the marina drives, by having the drives sealed, as a result the marina road will be closed Sept 18th-19th-20th. If you plan on boating during that time, just stop in the store and we will bring your boat to the gas dock for you. The marina drives will be inaccessible until the sealant drys.

Please call us if you have any questions, we appreciate your understanding and hope to see you dockside at Romp’s Lake Erie Marina.