Open Saturdays..with care.

These are some uncertain times, we want all of our dockers and future dockers to know that we are well aware of the current conditions and are continually monitoring the latest news and official coronavirus updates. In our ongoing effort to guard against the spread of COVID-19, and to best serve you.

That said, we will be Open Saturday from 10am to 3pm.. but know that visitors are infrequent this time of year and we will be keeping safe distances as prescribed; plus we are actively cleaning and disinfecting as well.


On the plus side, as we look to the future post-virus, we were able to put the docks in, and at the beginning of next week we should have the river docks and gas docks assembled and out. So there is some progress being made.


So we hope you stop in, but please don’t be offended if we don’t shake hands. Also, the coffee is on us.

Hope to see you dockside.