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News you can use…Your weekend update.

What goes a hundred smiles per hour?…

Dairy Dock on opening day. Even though the wind was a bit cool for our opening, we sure are happy about the welcome site of folks enjoying their ice cream yesterday. It is always exciting to welcome the town back to the dock.

Who was the first? Chris Lehky for the second year in a row.

first in line

Important News for “R” Customers…

Well it would not be summer in Ohio if the orange cones were not present. Starting Monday, Vermilion Road will be southbound only as they pave the street for the next several weeks. Folks coming to the marina should take the Sunnyside Road north and then can continue to head south on Vermilion Rd to the highway when they head home. You can also use both Baumhart Road and State Route 60 exits northbound as well.

road work

road map

Launch, Launch, Launch the boat…

Finally, launch season is here and we are starting to see boats head to their natural resting place at the dock. Romp’s office is now open 9am to 4pm seven  days a week, stop by and let us help you get your spring services in ship shape.

On a safety note, we are starting to see some worn cords so be sure to check yours before plugging in. A worn cord can cause electrical damage to your boat and also is a potential fire hazard to both you and your dockmates.  This image below is not a sad emoji, it is a dangerous cord that should be discarded for new.

bad cord

Stay safe, stay afloat, and we hope to see you dockside!