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It’s April…We’re getting Closer.

With so much up in the air, we hope that all of our Captains and Crews are safe and sound. We are getting the marina ready for the post-“shelter in place” world, as we look forward to better days ahead.

In fact the first boat has made a splash here at your homeport…

first boat

Also note, dock boxes are out, dockside water and electric is on for your use, and picnic tables are at the docks.

That said, we are still under State Guidelines so that includes the following:

  • We ask that you please use a phone and call us at 440-967-4342 to handle all transactions whenever possible.
  • Our Store/Office hours to receive calls will be 10am to 3pm Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun
  • If you need to see us in-person please allow for one person (or couple) in the store/office at a time. If you see someone in, please wait outside or in your car until they have exited.
  • Restrooms will only be accessible during store/office hours and only through the main store entrance and will follow the one person at a time rule. Please wash hands as much as possible.
  • When checking on your boat, or working in the yard practice “Social Distancing” of 6ft minimum.
  • Our service department is off limits to non-employees. We can perform services such as launch and other maintenance items but please handle all details via phone call at the number above.
  • Please do not approach our employees when working outdoors in the marina. If it is urgent, try to keep your social distance intact. All normal transaction can be handled over the phone, by mail or email.
  • Our outdoor environment is a great place to get fresh air and exercise while keeping a distance and limiting interaction from others.  For this to continue to be safe please follow the recommended guidelines.
  • We will be enforcing the rule against groups or gatherings. These policies will only work if we all work together.

Marina’s are exempted per state order as “Essential Infrastructure” (click to enlarge):


We have sent all non essential employees home and our office is just family. One of the reasons we are labeled as “Essential” is we do offer outdoor space to use and have ample acres to keep everyone separated, plus boat owners can further isolate by just going boating.  As it takes months to put the marina together we are grateful we have been given this exemption to prepare for “Post-Shelter” life.

We hope that you look forward to that time as well. Please stay safe, follow the recommendations, and we look forward to better times ahead.