Q. Do you have boat sales?

A. Not at this time. We have in the past carried several lines including Boston Whaler, Lyman, and PennYan. Lake Erie Marine Trades assoc has a website with all of Ohio’s boat dealers listed at boatohio.com

Q. Do you have temporary docks for visitors?

A. Yes we do. If our seasonal dockage is full we sub-lease existing customer’s docks out to visitors when they are away or out of the water for service on a first come, first save basis.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. Yes we do. We have a large amount of green space and pets are welcome. For the safety of our dockers and their pets we do ask that pets are kept on a leash at all times. We also ask that you pick up after your pet; not only is it courteous, it’s city code. Of course pets are not allowed on the pool deck or in food service areas.

Q. How did you get the name Romp’s?

A. Robb and Laura Romp purchased the property in the 1957 and through three generations the Romp family has been happily servicing boaters ever since. Read the whole story here ABOUT US

Q. I see a bridge in the photos, what kind of clearance do I need?

A. The bridge clearance depends on water levels. On average the space is 9.2-10ft from water to the bottom of the bridge. Please contact us for information on current water levels.

Q. How far are you from the lake?

A. We are ½ mile or about 6 minutes of idle time. Far enough away to be protected from severe storm/wave conditions.

Q. Do you have trailer storage?

A. Yes we do, please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability.

Q. Do you allow motorized vehicles such as golf carts or scooters at your marina?

A. Yes and No, vehicles licensed for the road such as a car/truck/motorcycle/licensed Golf Cart are welcome. We also allow bikes, trikes, scooters, skates and skateboards as long as they do not become a nuisance to other boaters. Electric scooters are allowed as well. Off road powered vehicles and towed trailers (other then boats) such as Dirt Bikes/ATV’s/Non-Licensed Golf Carts/Campers are prohibited.

Q. Do you allow camping; such as tents, campers, or Winnebago type vehicle?

A. We do allow small tents for overnight use as long as the boater is present and the tent is removed when the customer leaves. Winnebago and other large vehicle campers have to be approved and such use is limited.

Q. I also have a jetski, do you have any storage?

A. Yes we do. We have a supplemental dock contract that allows a person to bring a smaller 2nd vessel for fun boats such as jetskis/jetboats and smaller vessels under 12 ft in length. The cost is $200 for the summer and includes use of the ramp and a land storage area.

romps putter port

Q. Are Putter Port and Dairy Dock included?

A. Both are there for your enjoyment but are not included with the dock contract. Putter Port does offer a season pass to dock members at a substantially reduced rate.

Q. What kind of security do you have? Is the marina gated?

A. We are not a gated marina and hope we never have to fence off our great green space. We do have the good fortune to be located in an area with a great record for little if any instances of crime.

Our marina is well lit and located in the middle of town with high visibility. Romp’s family members are living right on-site. We also have terrific cooperation with the local police who understand the value of the boating community to the cities revenue. Vermilion is ranked 23rd (out of 166) as an Ohio Safe City. Click the image below for the entire ranking.

Ohio Safe City

Q. Did you also own the Danny Boy Farm Market or Dairy Queen in North Olmstead?

A. The Romp family in North Olmstead are cousins and not affiliated with the Marina whatsoever.

Q. What is your policy on dockholders whose boats are for sale?

A. All we ask is you do not place “for sale” signs on the boat. We provide a bulletin board in the main office to list your boats information. This protects your boat, and the boats of others from being boarded when you are not present. We are not involved in any part of the sale or have any other restrictions.

Q. How long is your season?

A. Our “in water” season is from April 1rst to November 1rst. Please note that dockside water may not be accessible during the colder parts of early April or mid-late October, depending on weather. Winter storage starts Oct 1 and continues until the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.

Q. I have more questions.

A. We would love to hear from you…contact us to send your comments or questions.