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Woolybear Festival Weekend…grin and bear it.

This weekend could be a “Bear”, and that’s a good thing.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The Woolybear Festival arrives in Vermilion and with it some terrific temps for festival fanatics.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Woolybear festival it started as a small project of Dick Goddard involving the forecasting of winter, and grew over the years to nearly 100,000 folks visiting our little town. The Woolybear Caterpillar is said to be a great predictor of the upcoming winter season. The thicker the coat, and varied dimensions of the Woolybears rings the harsher the winter and then again the lighter the coat and coloring the fairer the cold conditions are said to be.

Of course it’s more then just about bugs, there will be entertainment, food stuffs and all kinds of family friendly activity throughout the downtown.

This all takes place Sunday the 2nd

What this means for Romp’s Dockers

Not much will change here at Romp’s. You still will be able to access the marina like usual, and your dockside parking will not be affected. There will be kids out front of the marina parking cars for Vermilion Soccer club. They will let any marina dockers pass without issue.

The only thing you need concern yourselves with will be traffic. There will be a lot of folks coming into town, and a parade at mid-day so please plan ahead. Come early or wait till late afternoon.

We hope to see you dockside.

Shores & Islands and You…

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Shores and Islands Ohio,  the areas premier tourism and activity promoter.

shores and islands Ohio

So what does it all mean? In just a few short weeks Romp’s Putter Port will get an additional obstacle to challenge your putting skills that continues to promote our shared ideals of outdoor family fun. For those wondering Putter Port opens Memorial Day Weekend as we prep for the warmer summer days ahead.

Lake Erie love

We are thankful to work with the whole Shores & Islands Ohio crew and can’t wait to hash tag all the hole-y fun on the greens ahead of you this summer!

And for more fun opportunities, it’s all right here.. https://www.shoresandislands.com/

We hope to see you dockside!

Last week of Pull-Out on tap..Times are a changing.

“R” hours and yours.

With the last week of pull-out on tap starting Monday, and with so many boats and so little time we still be changing office hours (though will have a handful of boats to pull into November as well).

plan ahead

Times are a changing…

That said starting Nov 1st Store/Office hours will be 10am to 3pm Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays. We will be closed weekends. With all the boats out on land the Gas Docks are also now closed for the season.

"R" hours

We want to thank everyone for a great season, it was a welcome relief to 2020 which we are grateful for. We very much look forward to 2022 and wish all of “R families a great off season.

From the whole crew. Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay upbeat.

Dairy Dock and Putter Port back to school schedules..

Hey all, we have had a great summer here at your homeport. That said, the “back to school” time of year has arrived and with it the departure of some of our staff as they head back to the classroom.

So the Dairy Dock hours are now 11am to 9pm daily.

Following that, our Putter Port Hours are 10am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday, we will be closed weekdays.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you dockside!


We give thanks in difficult times….

Turkey Day arrives just in time.

We want to take a minute to thank all of our Captains and Crew for a great boating season. With Thanksgiving week arriving, we hope you get a chance to enjoy your time with family and friends, even if done via internet screen. We also hope that any travels you may have are safe and not too much of a hassle.

Below is the first Romp’s Thanksgiving (imagined)

Turkey time

We think those may be Cleveland Indians…but we kid of course, but one of things we do need to share with you is the Marina’s hours will be a little different this week.

Romp’s will be closed Weds through Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving.

However, if an urgent situation arises and  you need assistance just call us and leave a message or email us and we will get back to you. We are in and out of the marina several times a day even when on break.

We will be back at it on Monday.


This is a season of thanks, and we here at your homeport are very grateful, we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Happy Labor Day..Celebrate by not Laboring!

Just Chill’n and Grill’N

President Abraham Lincoln once said that “Labor is the superior of capitol” and boy did he get that right. As all the hardworking folks who dock at Romp’s can attest, this weekend is well deserved time off from the daily grind and, more importantly, time to relax and have some fun.


Labor Day also brings with it a change in seasons at our home-port. This may be the last weekend of the season for the pool as it closes for the year sometime in the following week. So we hope you get out and make a splash!

R shark

Finally, we also have to add that Putter-Port will be open from 11am to 10pm Sat-Sun-Mon this weekend, then will close for the season as well. So now is the time to get the crew onto the back 9.


Whether your just chill’n or grill’n…

We hope you enjoy your weekend at your Family Fun Marina.  We hope to see you dockside!

Your weekend forecast (NWS):
TODAY…Northwest winds 10 to 15 knots becoming west. Sunny.
Waves 1 to 3 feet.
TONIGHT…West winds 10 to 15 knots becoming southwest. Mostly
clear. Waves 1 to 3 feet.
SATURDAY…Southwest winds 5 to 15 knots increasing to 15 to
20 knots. Mostly sunny. Waves 2 feet or less.
SATURDAY NIGHT…West winds 15 to 20 knots diminishing to 5 to
15 knots. Partly cloudy. Waves 2 feet or less.
SUNDAY…Northwest winds 5 to 15 knots becoming southwest 15 to
20 knots. Waves 1 to 3 feet.
MONDAY…Southwest winds 15 to 20 knots becoming south 10 to
15 knots. Waves 2 to 4 feet subsiding to 1 to 3 feet.


Dairy Dock Opens Today.. Limited Staff and Menu

Ice Cream is back…

Due to COVID 19 guidelines by the local Health Department, we will be opening Dairy Dock with a limited staff, and a limited menu. Why does it matter? To open we have to “Social Distance” inside the building, which is a small space, meaning we cannot bring all of our staff in, without our full staff we cannot serve our full menu. There is just not enough space to keep everyone apart while making product.

For your safety and the safety of others, we also ask that our customers Social Distance outside as well, it is a requirement for us to remain open.

DD sign

Change is difficult..

We know we will not be able to offer everyone’s favorites in the beginning, and we wish we could, but this will not last forever. This is a difficult time for all of us. We thank you for your support and for your understanding until the rules change and allow us to get back to making everyone’s day a little more Delicious. We know you deserve it!

Open 1pm to 10pm Daily and Weekends. Stay Safe, Stay Kind, and We hope to see you at the dock.

It’s April…We’re getting Closer.

With so much up in the air, we hope that all of our Captains and Crews are safe and sound. We are getting the marina ready for the post-“shelter in place” world, as we look forward to better days ahead.

In fact the first boat has made a splash here at your homeport…

first boat

Also note, dock boxes are out, dockside water and electric is on for your use, and picnic tables are at the docks.

That said, we are still under State Guidelines so that includes the following:

  • We ask that you please use a phone and call us at 440-967-4342 to handle all transactions whenever possible.
  • Our Store/Office hours to receive calls will be 10am to 3pm Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun
  • If you need to see us in-person please allow for one person (or couple) in the store/office at a time. If you see someone in, please wait outside or in your car until they have exited.
  • Restrooms will only be accessible during store/office hours and only through the main store entrance and will follow the one person at a time rule. Please wash hands as much as possible.
  • When checking on your boat, or working in the yard practice “Social Distancing” of 6ft minimum.
  • Our service department is off limits to non-employees. We can perform services such as launch and other maintenance items but please handle all details via phone call at the number above.
  • Please do not approach our employees when working outdoors in the marina. If it is urgent, try to keep your social distance intact. All normal transaction can be handled over the phone, by mail or email.
  • Our outdoor environment is a great place to get fresh air and exercise while keeping a distance and limiting interaction from others.  For this to continue to be safe please follow the recommended guidelines.
  • We will be enforcing the rule against groups or gatherings. These policies will only work if we all work together.

Marina’s are exempted per state order as “Essential Infrastructure” (click to enlarge):


We have sent all non essential employees home and our office is just family. One of the reasons we are labeled as “Essential” is we do offer outdoor space to use and have ample acres to keep everyone separated, plus boat owners can further isolate by just going boating.  As it takes months to put the marina together we are grateful we have been given this exemption to prepare for “Post-Shelter” life.

We hope that you look forward to that time as well. Please stay safe, follow the recommendations, and we look forward to better times ahead.




“R” Open House Weekend…Hope you stop by.

Tis a bit chilly..but.

We all know that the chilly weather outside now just makes us appreciate the warm that follows. Before you know it, we will start to think about putting boats in and hopefully forget all this grey sky of Winter. In fact, here is a pic to help you think warm thoughts.

sunset on lake erie

Winter’s a Bummer, Can’t wait till Summer!

What can we do about this in the meantime? How about a little get together for all of our Captain’s and Crew to reassure us all of better days ahead. Yes, we are aware of the Corona Virus, and will ask our visitors to take some precautions, such as hand washing when they arrive. But this will be a small gathering and we will be conscious of keeping things clean and tidy. In fact, we take great pride in having clean facilities even during normal operation.

clean modern restrooms and showers

So we hope you can join us at Romp’s Open House (aka “Sunshine in March” Party) this weekend March 14 & 15 from 1pm to 4pm. we will have some Hors D’oeuvres and all your favorite beverages. Plus, door prizes and even a little Gift to take home.

So mark you  Calendar and join us for comradery and cheer.

We hope to see you dockside!


The daily grind is a good thing

From the “Stitch in Time” dept…

So the short days of Winter have started to show up along with some chilly temps at your home-port. Among the top questions we get this time of year is “What do you do in the winter, go to Florida?“.

colder lake erie

Repair, Repaint, or Replace..

Florida? well, not exactly, in fact we are busy grinding, welding and painting docks, repairing boats and upgrading the marina in various ways from lighting to equipment repairs, and so much more.

"R" docks

You can see we really “Scrape” by…

Every year we take pride in getting the Marina ready for the next great boating season. As well as getting some of our captains in ship shape for the voyages ahead. Though we do take some time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the rest of the time we are right here at your home-port prepping for the days to come.

boat bottom paint

There’s a reason we’re thinking of next season…

So we hope this answers the question of what a marina does in the off-season. The answer is look forward to the ON season (as in ON THE WATER) . Thanks for stopping by!