New Year – New boating season just around the corner…

Our vision for a great boating season is 2021…

Well it was a very mild Christmas to New Year’s break, and we hope everyone enjoyed their time with family where possible. We certainly had fun with ours in a limited capacity as well, and thank all who sent well wishes and season greetings our way.

Of course we are back in the garages getting the boats and docks ready for another splashdown. If you need assistance or want to secure a dock for 2021 and can’t make the hours shown below, just call we can meet you at most anytime convenient for you.

Store Hours10am to 3pm Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri
Service Hours – 8am to 5pm Weekdays

boat paint

Even on break, we are still boaters…

Some folks have asked us what we do for fun? Well, it is easy to guess. Though some of us did go south for a bit, we still make time to social distance on a boat no matter the body of water.


What they call a lake, we call a pond…

In comparison and at the end of the day, it still is not boating on Lake Erie. Between the record Walleye catch and the vastness of boating destinations, a day on the lake beats most on vacation elsewhere. After all, our captains get a whole summer of sunsets.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you dockside!

What’s that you sleigh?…We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Yule love time with family…

It’s that time of year again, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost etc, and we are very much looking forward, as we do every year, to spending some of that Christmas time with our family. Even though it may be more immediate family this year.

But before we break out the eggnog, we better get you up to speed on what that means.

Santa list


Starting Saturday Dec 19th we will be closed and will be taking a couple of weeks off, we will return on January 4th.

We will still be in and out of the marina daily, so if you need us just email or call and leave a message and we will get back to your promptly. If your looking for a dock, we can arrange to meet you.


We hope you get Gold, Frankincense, and so very much Myrrh!

Other then that we are ready to  make Merry and hope that you are too. We wish all of our Captain’s and Crew the very best this Christmas, and so many, many good things to come in the New Year!

So stay warm, stay safe, and or course masked & distanced, we will see you next year!



That’s a wrap…”R” Winter Schedule.

That’s a wrap, Gas Docks now closed for the season.

For everything there is a season, and as we enter November with the boats on shore at your home-port it officially closes the book  on the boating calendar for 2020. We will be pulling some docks next as we have to finish in the coming weeks, but wanted you to know “R” hours are changing with the seasons.

gas dock closed

So, with the sun shining, and the boats prepped on land for their long winter naps, we have some changes to update you on dockside.


With the Gas Docks now closed we would like to thank everyone who supported us this year and can’t wait to get right back on the water in 2021, your business is very much appreciated.

“R’ hours and yours

Next up, our Store/Office hours will revert back to the winter schedule which is:

Monday – Tuesday -Thursday – Friday 10am to 3pm.

The Service Dept is open weekdays from 8 am to 5pm. If you need assitance or would like to pay a bill just give us a call, we can take credit cards right over the phone.

In the meantime…Stay Safe…Stay Happy!

gas dock sunset


Of Pullout and Pumpkins….

Happy Halloween!..and thank you all for a great boating season.


While you may be visited by all kinds of Ghosts or Goblins today or tonight, don’t forget that this is the very last week of Pull-Out starting Nov 2nd.

We will be changing to Winter Hours starting Monday, hours will be 10am to 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be close Wednesday and Weekends. We are in the Service Department from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday if you need us, and check our email multiple times a day as well.


Dockside water will be turned off and winterized this coming week, so please take note if you need any last minute cleanup on the boat please plan accordingly.

After the last of the boats are out, the docks will soon follow so please empty your dock boxes as soon as possible so we can take them to storage to make room for the docks on land. Also note that you should remove your dock lines and fenders so they do not get worn or weathered. We wish you all a safe and happy off season and look forward to doing this all again next year at Romps Lake Erie Marina!

crane and docks

Fall Haul’s last call…

And then there was one….

As we get closer to wrapping up another week of pulling boats we wanted to make sure our Captain’s and Crew knew that our schedule will once again be changing with the seasons.

Boat docks

Last Call for Pull-Out and “R” Gas Docks…

If you still have not made your winter plans, this weekend will be the last for scheduling pull-out at Romps.  We have a full week ahead, but will still be pulling and servicing boats into the following week. This weekend the Gas Docks and Pump-out will be available, so please plan accordingly.

This is the last weekend for the Gas Dock, it will be closed and disassembled the following week. We will be closed weekends after this weekend, but will be open Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri starting in November.

gas docks

If you need help or have questions regarding pull-out we will be open this weekend from 9am to 5pm both days, and are happy to assist you, and also have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

So hurry, you don’t want to be this guy….

Pull-Out and What you really Autumn know..

Is Summer better than autumn? That’s a fall-acy.

Okay, so the Summer Season is slowly ending what with near 80 degree temps last weekend. That is how you go out with fond memories. Despite much of our staff headed back toward educational pursuits, we were very excited to have all the activity dockside. Now this weekend is already shaping up into a warmer, yet seasonably pleasant forecast. One that could be perfect for, say, a sunset cruise.

Fall skies

“Fall”-O us….

Of course this coming week will also be the very first week of Pull-Out and so if you haven’t given the process a thought. Now is the time for captains to start planning, and we are here to help.

clean bottom

Pull-Pull-Pull the boat, gently spray with steam….

With Pull-Out season arriving, we thought we would get you started with a check list of sorts. We recommend the following steps to get you started in the right direction

  • First off, now is the time to Complete and Turn in your Oil Change order (last call this week)R oil change
  • Then Complete Pull-Out order and carefully check services you require (Need help? Please stop in and let us assist you or help answer your questions.)
  • Important step: Circle the week you would like pulled out of the water (so we can get you scheduled).
  • Please Indicate if you need to be present (though you do not need to)
  • Also, please label Keys with your name and turn into office (or indicate where we might find them if elsewhere)
  • Inspect your cradle or jacks for repairs that may be needed (for those without trailers)
  • Then drop off your trailer the weekend prior to your pull-out date, please remember to put your name on the front of your trailer (we get alot of trailers dropped off)
  • Then Pump out your head (toilet) (very important that it is as empty as possible)
  • Your Gas tank should be at 3/4 full. (too little gas leads to condensation and too much may lead to venting)
  • Check your battery’s charge (just make sure the boat starts).
  • It is best to remove all non-essential materials/electronics from boat (best to be stored in dry warm environment)
  • Please provide engine access (sometimes there are so many items stored on the engine hatch that work has to be delayed)
  • Check your tie lines so they may be removed (any screws or elaborate knotting can cause issues)
  • Please empty your dock box so we may store it for the winter

Do it yourself(ers)

  • This is very important: Draining of oil should be done into proper containers then sealed and cannot go into the trash, or dumpster, please see us for proper handling and disposal.
  • Use EPA/environmentally approved products (especially antifreeze).

That should get you started. If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to ask, we here to help every day from 9am to 5pm, including Saturday and Sunday if you would like to stop by.

plan ahead

We hope to see you dockside!

Your weekend forecast (NWS):
THIS AFTERNOON…South winds 10 knots or less becoming northeast.
Sunny. Waves 1 foot or less.
TONIGHT…East winds 5 to 10 knots becoming south. Clear. Waves
1 foot or less.
SATURDAY…South winds 5 to 10 knots. Sunny. Waves 1 foot or
SATURDAY NIGHT…South winds 5 to 15 knots. Mostly clear. Waves
2 feet or less.
SUNDAY…Southwest winds 15 to 20 knots diminishing to 10 to
15 knots. A chance of showers Sunday night. Waves 2 to 4 feet
subsiding to 1 to 3 feet.

“R” Hours..What you really autumn know.

The times are a changing…

Well it was a pretty good run, but with the passing of a great Labor Day Weekend we also mush pass along information about “R” fall schedule.

Fall leaves

The weather is un-be-leafable.

First, with the passing of Labor Day Putter Port is now closed for the season. We thank all those who stopped by and enjoyed their time with us. We really appreciate the support! The Pool will be closed for the season starting Thursday Sept 10.

Next up, our store/gas dock hours will revert to the fall schedule as well: Store/Office/Gas Dock open 9-5 daily.

dd last day

Dairy Dock Closes soon…

Also, the Dairy Dock will be on “School Hours” and closing at 9pm daily. Double D will be wrapping up operations as September 13th will be the last day of the season for the stand. We really thank everyone who visited the dock this year, we are very grateful for your business.



We know this has been a difficult year for everyone, but hope we have provided a place to relax, be safe, and enjoy life a little.

Tide Down? Go see the dock….

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it.” — Robert Orben

Day after day of sunshine and hot temps has us on the water even more then usual this summer. As August winds down it leaves us with a month of great boating weather to remember it by. We can’t wait for September, and with it we hope the Perch make a comeback as we transition from tubing and skiing to fishing.


Lower temps predicted for the weekend with a brief cool down…

Well it can’t be 90 everyday, sooner or later the weather man has to take a break from all this toasty summer and get us back to seasonal averages. This weekends forecast has the temps taking a brief spin in the high 70’s. Another opportunity to get out of the A/C and hang at the dock.

R Docks

We’re glad it’s finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is.

Though we know it will be changing soon enough. We hope you get to visit us here at your Homeport and enjoy the remaining Summer days ahead.

In the meantime here is your Weekend Forecast(NWS):
TODAY…Southwest winds 5 to 10 knots. A chance of showers and
thunderstorms this morning, then thunderstorms likely with a
chance of showers early this afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms
likely late. Some thunderstorms may produce heavy rainfall this
afternoon. Waves 2 feet or less.
TONIGHT…Southwest winds 10 to 15 knots increasing to 15 to
20 knots. Showers and thunderstorms likely in the evening, then a
chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight. Some thunderstorms
may produce heavy rainfall in the evening. Waves 1 to 3 feet.
SATURDAY…Southwest winds 15 to 20 knots becoming northwest.
Showers and thunderstorms likely in the morning. Waves 1 to
3 feet building to 2 to 4 feet.
SATURDAY NIGHT…Northwest winds 10 to 15 knots. Partly cloudy.
Waves 2 to 4 feet.
SUNDAY… Northwest winds 5 to 15 knots becoming east 10 knots or
less. Waves 1 to 3 feet subsiding to 1 foot or less.

Vermilion River

Sunshine on our shoulders…..

Makes us happy!

What a summer this has been already. We can’t remember when the last time we had week after week of sunshine and blue skies, plus very favorable lake conditions. If your weekend doesn’t look like this, you may be missing the boat.


There is a chance of rain in the forecast, though it is only a chance so we hope you get out dockside and make a splash with your dockmates.


Without further delay, your Weekend Forecast (NWS) Enjoy!
TODAY…East winds 5 to 10 knots becoming northeast and
increasing to 15 to 20 knots. Mostly sunny. Waves 1 to 3 feet
building to 2 to 4 feet.
TONIGHT…Northeast winds 15 to 20 knots becoming east and
diminishing to 5 to 10 knots. A slight chance of showers
overnight. Waves 2 to 4 feet subsiding to 1 to 3 feet.
SATURDAY...Southeast winds 5 to 10 knots. A chance of showers.
Waves 2 feet or less.
SATURDAY NIGHT…South winds 5 to 10 knots becoming southeast. A
chance of showers and thunderstorms. Waves 2 feet or less.
SUNDAY…Southwest winds 5 to 10 knots becoming northwest. A
chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. Waves 2 feet
or less.
Lake Life

August Arrives..Shore Enough…

Don’t forget to SPF your BFF..

Another weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. This weekends forecast has some clouds to help beat the heat, and some waves early on Friday as well. After that, the nearshore lake forecast for Saturday and beyond looks a little more favorable at your homeport, so we hope you get a chance to visit us dockside.


Plus the sunsets now come in a stunning 4k HD (and always have)…

Even if you don’t go out on the lake, we have a nice spot for you to relax and enjoy the sunsets, or maybe take a dip in the pool, plus an ice cold beverage or two is waiting, of course Flip Flops optional.


Your weekend forecast (NWS):

TODAY…Northeast winds 15 to 20 knots diminishing to 10 to
15 knots. Mostly sunny. Waves 3 to 5 feet subsiding to 1 to
3 feet.
TONIGHT…Northeast winds 5 to 10 knots becoming east. Partly
cloudy in the evening, then becoming mostly cloudy. Waves 1 to
3 feet.
SATURDAY…East winds 5 to 15 knots. Mostly cloudy. Waves 2 feet
or less.
SATURDAY NIGHT…East winds 5 to 10 knots. Showers with a chance
of thunderstorms. Waves 2 feet or less.
SUNDAY…South winds 10 to 15 knots becoming west. Showers and
thunderstorms likely during the day, then a chance of showers and
thunderstorms Sunday night. Waves 1 foot or less.