Back to the Future….

 A boat time we think of what’s next…

These are certainly some very difficult times; we here at the marina understand and are hoping things can get back to the “new” normal soon. Until then, we all have to do our part, including following the state’s guidelines as it pertains to boating (Please click here for our Covid-19 Policy). We do know distancing is important and boating, or more accurately, going out on a boat has the benefit of fresh air and offers separation from the public.


Stay-cation’s on the horizon…

One of the plus’s to our area of the country, is once the weather warms up there is a lot of nature to enjoy. In our little town alone we have beaches, and large open parks. Plenty of space to get out and get some sunshine once the shelter orders are amended or lifted.

You won’t have to travel far to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Right here at your Family Fun Marina, we have 17 acres of green space. Plus, some nice sunrises and sunsets.

marina sunrise

Boats head toward the docks…

In the mean time, we will continue to launch boats and get the marina ready for a point in the future when the restrictions are eased and everyone can start to plan their summers.

boat launch

Stay Safe, Be Kind, and we hope to see you dockside!

(our Covid 19 guidelines)

lake erie sunset