Back….To the Future!

It’s Just “A Boat” Time…..

Let’s face it January is a tough month in Ohio. No sooner does the excitement of a New Year start then the realization of several weeks before you can launch. To help you mentally, just know that the picture below is your future, and we get closer with each passing day.

Vermilion River entrance

Chart your course now…

This is actually a good time of year to take inventory on what you need as the boating season approaches. First up would be your Boat Registration, you see even though it says 20 in bold numbers, the fine print says expired March 1st. So get those stickers renewed now.

Next on your list should be safety gear, flares, flags, Lifejackets etc. Go through your gear and make sure it is up to date AND you have plenty of Life Jackets for everyone. We recommend you carry a first aid kit as well (though not required).

It will save you a stop by the coast guard later, like when your making wake on a glass lake.

boat wake

What’s up Dock?…

Oh hey, let’s not forget the center piece to all this fun; that is “Where would your boat like to spend the summer?”. For when you tie up that is the portal to your entire boating experience. Is the place clean? Is it easily accessible? Friendly Staff? Nice Amenities? This is the time to really check into a homeport, and we here at Romp’s Family Fun Marina hope you give us a look.

We have been serving the boating public since 1957, though three generations of family and already can’t wait for another season. We would like to show you what we have to offer, in fact, now is when you get the best selection of docks to choose from.

So if you just bought a boat from the boat show, or  just trying to get your existing vessel sorted before the weather turns warm, smart captains are always a step ahead of the fleet.

Sunset at Romps

We hope to see you dockside!