We know that folks are catching a lot of next years fish, those in the 13-14 size range, then put them back; yet this has also been the year of giants. About once a week someone rolls into the gas dock with a fish story so unbelievable that we ask for photographic proof, and then… Read More

Well it’s that time of year again, the “Back to School” bug has hit us, as it does every year at this time. As a good bit of our staff head back to further their education, we here at your home-port need to update you on what that means for “R” business hours. Here goes… Read More

Sure the pun could use some work, but the point is now would be the best time to enjoy these Summer Days and the great outdoors.  With back to school a first sign of a changing of seasons, and before the kids are stuck inside a building for months, there’s still time to  get out… Read More

Just because the TV has started showing back to school ads doesn’t mean that Summer is over, far from it. After all, the Perch season hasn’t even started yet, and the Lake is a balmy 72 degrees, perfect for your families swimming, skiing or tubing.   The kids will be stuck inside school buildings soon… Read More