Some Legends are true…This one is 50 years in the making.

First off with the approach of April, there is a very important milestone that is about to be reached. Our very own service manager, Chuch Sooy is closing in on an incredible 50 years of service here at your home-port!

(click on the article to enlarge it, courtesy of Scuttlebutt Magazine and Karl Sooy)


Now before you mis-read this, Chuck is not retiring, he is just setting the bar ever higher as one of the greatest in Lake Erie’s history. Just to put some scale on this accomplishment, we estimate that Chuck has winterized over 14,000 boats in his career, and that’s just fall services. ¬†We and the boating community are very grateful for every one of his 50 years.

Also, this weekend we also will be Open Saturday to show any new Captain’s and Crews what we have to offer, so if your in out looking for a new place to drop anchor, stop by dockside. We would love to show you around.

After all the Lake is getting bluer by the minute. We hope to see you dockside!

Days till launch:[fergcorp_cdt]


Dairy Dock’s last day for the season…We hate to say goodbye.

It’s inevitable. Seasons come, seasons go and with the change in weather a change in our schedules as well. It is with some sadness that we announce Dairy Dock’s Last Day tomorrow September 9th (until 9pm while supplies last).

Folks ask us all the time why we don’t stay open longer. We have tried on three occasions to stay open until Wollybear, only to realize that Dairy Dock ice cream and summer both should come and go together.

We did have a great summer and are very grateful to be part of such a supportive community. This summer was so much fun we hate to see it go…

We thank all of our great customers and can’t wait to do it all again soon! Thank you Vermilion!

Feeling Blue? Reduce, Re-use, Recycle..Shrinkwrap how-to’s

Shrinkwrap is one of the best protections your boat can have against the elements when stored in the off-season. Over the years it has become the predominant form of winter cover over canvass and other tarp materials. The problem is once it became so popular someone had to come up with a way to save and reuse all that plastic material versus just filling up our landfills in a wasteful way.

Enter the Ohio Sea Grant’s Ohio Clean Marina program. Within the last decade we have had the pleasure of being one of the early adopters of the Ohio Clean Marina program and with it the ability to see all the shrinkwrap material used at the marina recycled for the good of the environment.

If you are a user of shrinkwrap while storing at our marina, please follow these easy steps to have your plastic tarp recycled.

While stored at Romp’s, instead of step 5 above. Just leave the bundle in secured under the front of your boat and we will collect it for you!

Remember, save your wrap and save the planet!…