56 Years and thousands of smiles served!

The start of  the 2013 boating season means that Romp’s Water Port is now 56 years old. That’s over five and a half decades of serving the boating public and, of course, thousands of smiles! We have had the pleasure of serving all kinds of fun to many, many families throughout the decades.


Like the photos pictured above and below, you can see we have been there since the days when Lymans ruled Lake Erie, right up to the modern cruiser.


But even today our commitment to family boating is as strong as when we started all those many years ago.

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So stop by and see why for 56 years Romp’s has been synonymous with family, fun, and Boating! After all we are not just a business that happens to be a marina, we are a family that loves making boating fun our business.

What 55 candles look like….

Romp’s Water Port is proud to announce our 55th Anniversary. In three generations of family ownership, Romp’s has been transformed from marsh to one of Lake Erie’s best known marinas.

In August of 1956 Laura and Robb Romp agreed to purchase a piece of undeveloped swampland next to the Vermilion River in the middle of a small village. The agreement was hashed out then eventually signed on a brown paper bag the second week of August 1956. The transfer of ownership was finalized in January of 1957.

The marina would survive many highs and lows from the legendary ‘69 flood and the gas shortages of the 70’s, to the boom times of the 80’s and 90’s. Of course, it took great personnel to develop and man the helm during these times. One of the key hires near the beginning was Service Manager Chuck Sooy.

Chuck is in his 46th year of service to the boating community, and has worked with all three generations of the Romp Family. Chuck oversees one of Lake Erie’s most  decorated service facilities and is a Mercruiser Master Technician as well.

Following Robb and Laura were their sons, Tom and Bill, along with Tom’s wife Martha Jane, and Bill’s wife Molly. As the second generation of Romp’s, they were instrumental in turning Romp’s from just a marina to a more family-friendly entertainment portal to Lake Erie. During their tenure, archery ranges came and went, the miniature golf and the Dairy Dock ice cream stand were built, and the dockage system upgraded to steel floating docks.

Then in 1986, Bill and Molly Romp became the sole proprietors of Romp’s. The growth and refinement of the property continued with a heated pool and sports court to entertain families on days where conditions were not good for boating. Other amenities were added such as dock boxes and picnic tables for every dock, improved restroom and shower facilities, and a snack bar.

In the early 90’s, the third generation and current management of Romp’s took over and continues the development started those many years ago.  Picnic shelters have been built and major infrastructure repairs have taken place. Improved children’s play areas and a sidewalk across the entire front of the 17-acre facility were added. The current generation is also involved in many community activities and various volunteer positions as well.<br>
The Romp family is looking forward to serving both the boating public and the surrounding community of Vermilion for many years to come.

Happy 55th Birthday!