“R” Times, They’re a Changing….

We know your out this weekend enjoying all that the Labor Day festivities have to offer. But we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t get you ready for the upcoming changes as we get ready for our Post-Labor Day schedule.

After all “R” hours are a changing…

First up, if your out and about at the home-port and wanting to make a splash this weekend, please do so as this will be the last weekend the pool will be open for the season. We will close and winterize the pool after Monday of this week.

Next, tomorrow will also be Putter-Ports last day of the season, so be sure to get out on the back nine for some last putts of the season as well. Also, Dairy Dock will be open till 9pm for the next week until it closes for the season Sunday Sept 7th.

Finally, as the kids go back to school, which includes much of our staff here at your home-port. Our newly revised fall hours will be 9am to 5pm seven days a week for the office and Gas docks. Please plan accordingly.

There is still a lot of good boating left, and we hope to see everyone at the Lake in the upcoming weeks. Till then, see you dockside!..

This Christmas Give the Gift of Boating!

We know what your thinking, the boats are out and cold weather is on the way. To that we say there is no better time then to start planning next summer! What if you could give the someone you love the gift of the great outdoors, of family activity and an escape from the stresses of life.

You can! Instead of buying a gift that your captain or crew member will open and be done with, or worse yet have to return, get them a Romp’s Gift Card! It works similar to a pre-paid visa in that you get a credit card sized gift card that you can use for the following:

  • * Dockage and Winter Storage
  • * Gas and pump-out services
  • * Beer, Pop, Ice, Snacks, and Romper Room Food!
  • * Putter Port Passes
  • * Dairy Dock Ice Cream Tokens
  • * Service on your boat including launch, pull-out, tune-ups, oil changes, even electronics rigging.
  • * Guest passes for the pool.
  • * Safety Gear, flares, life jackets etc.
  • * Boating cleaners and supplies.
  • * Most anything we sell!*

With no extra fees! That’s right a $25 gift card costs $25, a $50 gift card $50, and so on. You name the amount, we load the card, add a boat and some water, mix in some warm weather and stir; walaa! Smiles ensue! The card holder can use all of the amount at once or a little at a time.

So this Christmas give the gift that will continue to put a smile on your captains face all year long. The gift of boating.

(*Some restrictions apply, contact Romp’s for more details. Romp’s Gift Cards good only at Romp’s Office/Store/Gas Dock/Service Dept)