The Early Bird gets the view….

We’re having a folgers moment here at the office this morning. And even though the temps have cooled quite a bit we are still very fortunate to be able to complete some maintenance tasks in sunny weather. Here are some early morning shots from just this morning.

Of course it is Ohio and who knows what tomorrow may bring, but in the mean time enjoy your sun filled Thursday, from all your friends at your favorite Lake Erie marina!

Christmas time is near!

We came to work and guess who greeted us?

Don’t fret, in our case the Grinch is a good sign. It means Christmas is near and we will soon be taking our Christmas break to spend time with friends and family.

So here’s our Holiday schedule, we will be closed from 11am Friday (the 16th) to Tuesday January 3rd. But don’t worry, we celebrate Christmas right here at the marina! So if you should need something or want to speak with one of us, just call or email us with a message and we will get back to you. We are in and out of the marina at all hours.

If you are new to the area and would like to tour the marina contact us and we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you to show you around and talk about what’s available.

Merry Christmas!