This Christmas give your captain a gift that will really float his boat!

We know what your thinking, the boats are out and cold weather is here to stay. To that we say there is no better time then to start planning next summer! What if you could give the someone you love the gift of the great outdoors, of family activity and an escape from the stresses of life.


You can! Instead of buying a gift that your captain or crew member will open and be done with, or worse yet have to return, get them a Romp’s Gift Card! It works similar to a pre-paid visa in that you get a credit card sized gift card that you can use for the following:

  • * Dockage and Winter Storage
  • * Gas and pump-out services
  • * Beer, Pop, Ice, Snacks, and Romper Room Food!
  • * Putter Port Passes (purchased through our store with no extra fees)
  • * Dairy Dock Ice Cream Tokens (purchased through our store with no extra fees)
  • * Service on your boat including launch, pull-out, tune-ups, oil changes, even electronics rigging.
  • * Guest passes for the pool.
  • * Safety Gear, flares, life jackets etc.
  • * Boating cleaners and supplies.
  • * Most anything we sell!*

With no extra fees! That’s right a $25 gift card costs $25, a $50 gift card $50, and so on. You name the amount, we load the card, add a boat and some water, mix in some warm weather and stir; wa-laa! Smiles ensue! The card holder can use all of the amount at once or a little at a time.


So this Christmas give the gift that will continue to put a smile on your captains face all year long. The gift of boating.

(*Some restrictions apply, all purchases have to be made at Romp’s marine store/office, please contact Romp’s for more details. Romp’s Gift Cards are good only at Romp’s Water Port, Inc.)

Santa and the Holiday Season Arrive in Vermilion~!

Black Friday has thankfully come and gone which signals that Christmas Season is now in full swing. But if you come to Vermilion you will find many local merchants who have some great Christmas gifts for your Captain and Crews all at great prices without the hassle of long lines at those big box stores. Heck, even the jolly old elf himself has had a chance to stop by Vermilion and check on the progress.


Of course here he has no need of a sleigh and reindeer, just an ice breaker and the holiday spirit is all that is needed.

We here at your homeport are hopeful that our present will be another great boating season next year. But if your looking for that perfect gift and don’t want to get caught up in the crowds, think about giving your captain the gift of boating with our very own Romp’s gift cards. They are prepaid just like a visa, with any amount you choose to put on it and can be used for most anything we sell, gas, service, parts, dockage, etc.

Give your captain and crew the gift they really want and one that will last all summer long. The gift of boating!


Merry Christmas – Our Ho-Ho-Holiday Hours…

With the Christmas Holiday quickly approaching those of us here at your homeport would like to announce we are taking a little break to be with family and friends during this great season.

We would also like to wish all of our captains and crews a very merry and safe holiday season. We hope everyone is in great spirits this Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year.

As you can see the jolly old elf should be in fine shape to get his work done after a summer relaxing by Romp’s Pool.

If you need assistance or dockage information please contact us as we will be in and out frequently and check our phone messages and email often during the break. In fact we celebrate Christmas right here at your family fun port! Joy to the world!

Cool Air, Clear Skies…Fall in to Vermilion.

Frost is on the ground, and a thin coat of ice covers the channel yet the skies are clear and look great. The chilly cold remnants of fall are setting in as we are out and about putting the marina to bed for the winter.

It will be several weeks of maintenance as we have some repair work to do dockside, yet we are already thinking of next season. Even though it’s dark earlier and earlier we try to remind ourselves it’s always darkest before the dawn and the sun never really sets on a great boating season.

Christmas time is near!

We came to work and guess who greeted us?

Don’t fret, in our case the Grinch is a good sign. It means Christmas is near and we will soon be taking our Christmas break to spend time with friends and family.

So here’s our Holiday schedule, we will be closed from 11am Friday (the 16th) to Tuesday January 3rd. But don’t worry, we celebrate Christmas right here at the marina! So if you should need something or want to speak with one of us, just call or email us with a message and we will get back to you. We are in and out of the marina at all hours.

If you are new to the area and would like to tour the marina contact us and we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you to show you around and talk about what’s available.

Merry Christmas!