“R” times…they are a-changing..

With the passing of Labor Day Weekend we know that the inevitable would happen. Kids go back to school, families start to get busy with all kinds of activities and the summer fun starts to wind down a bit. And even though we just had a weekend for the ages, it’s time to look ahead.


While the sun may not have completely set on the boating season, as there is a lot of fishing left to be done with the perch season upon us, we do have changes to announce.

The first of which is that both our Putter-port and Pool are closed for the season. We thank everyone for their generous support as the mini-golf season was a great one.

Next, up will be Dairy Docks last night, which is Sunday Sept 13th. So be sure and get your sweet tooth the last treat of the season.


Finally, our store/gas dock hours will be reduced due to our staff heading back to school and being involved in many school activities. The store and gas dock are now open 9-5 seven days a week (during the week the gas dock and pump-out are self serve)…

We really hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the late summer as much as we did. It has been a terrific run here at Romp’s Lake Erie Marina of late,  and we hope to see you dockside!

Dairy Dock Opens Thursday…The Sweet Life Returns!

Here’s a forecast you can really appreciate, we predict a 100% chance of Flurrys  on Thursday. Why, you ask?

Because Romp’s Dairy Dock returns and there is no better way to celebrate then one of the many flavors of Ice-Cream Flurry served, or maybe your favorite cone with special toppings, or maybe a delicious slushy, either way the sweet life is just days away!


You can see with a forecast like that why we are excited no matter what Mother Nature has planned, so be sure to keep the date marked. After all, it’s never to late to sprinkle some fun in your life!


We hope to see you dockside, and have a Delicious Day!

Dairy Dock’s Last Day of the Season Tomorrow (Sept 7th)

We know, we’re going to miss the Summer fun too. When the kids go back to school, including much of our staff, it’s a sure fire sign that the time of year to wrap up another great summer is has arrived. We love this town and want all of our customers to know we really appreciate all the support and hope to see you again in the spring. Till then, a BIG thank you to the V-town.

GMICImage (2)

See you soon! Till then, have a great school year!



Dairy Dock Opens Today!

Oreo Flurrys are in the forecast for today! Dairy Dock returns under somewhat soggy conditions as Vermilion’s official kick off to spring opens today at 11am. Ice Cream aficionados will have to brave the elements today for their favorite Cones, Shakes and Flurrys as Mother Nature holds true the saying about “April Showers”.


Despite the overcast skies, it is still a sure sign of sunny days ahead!

We hope to see you at the Double D!..

Dairy Dock opens tomorrow 11am

Thursday, April 11th at 11am our Dairy Dock Ice Cream stand opens for the season as a sure sign of spring. We are busy polishing, straitening, and training the new staff to make sure everything goes as planned. We are always excited to see everyone in the spring as a Vermilion tradition to the start of summer.

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So join us in celebration of all things sweet. Remember someone once said that life is short, eat dessert first! See you at the stand!




Dairy Dock named “Best of the Best”

We are proud to announce that our little Ice Cream Stand that’s big on taste was just recognized as the “Best of the Best” by the Lorain Morning Journal.

We certainly are very proud to be recognized as an area favorite by critics and cone-sumers alike. We especially want to thank our many regulars who support us every day, that is the true reward. Work hard, put out a good product and see your customers enjoy it.

Thanks to the best fans in the world and a special thank you to the Morning Journal and their readers, after all Ice Cream is its own reward..