56 Years and thousands of smiles served!

The start of  the 2013 boating season means that Romp’s Water Port is now 56 years old. That’s over five and a half decades of serving the boating public and, of course, thousands of smiles! We have had the pleasure of serving all kinds of fun to many, many families throughout the decades.


Like the photos pictured above and below, you can see we have been there since the days when Lymans ruled Lake Erie, right up to the modern cruiser.


But even today our commitment to family boating is as strong as when we started all those many years ago.

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So stop by and see why for 56 years Romp’s has been synonymous with family, fun, and Boating! After all we are not just a business that happens to be a marina, we are a family that loves making boating fun our business.

2012 marks our 55th anniversary serving the boating public!

As we count down the remaining days of 2011, we look forward to a new boating year and celebrate the fact the Romp’s Water Port turns 55 this year! Fifty-five years of serving the boating public. We can’t even put a number on the amount of boats we have serviced and families who have spent their summers relaxing with us.

Pictured above our 10th anniversary in 1967, we are eternally grateful for the thousands of folks who have chosen Romp’s as their home away from home for the summer, and look forward to serving not only today’s captains and crews, but many many more.

When you have an opportunity to deal with people who are enjoying their time off, your work is enjoyment. Thanks everyone for your continued support.

Now where did we put the cake?