Cool air descends…Fall may be arriving.

The skies are darkening a bit as cool air makes it way back to Northern Ohio. We knew that 80 degrees and sun every day was not going to last forever. With the arrival of fall you will notice some changes at Lake Erie’s family fun marina.

First of which is both Putter-Port and the Pool are now closed for the season. Also, a fence has been put up to prepare the marina for winter storage of boats as pull-out begins in a few short weeks.

For Romp’s dockers, you should have received your pull-out order by now. If you have not please call us and we can email or fax one to you. It is important that you carefully review the order and check the services you require. Please do not turn in an order without circling your choice of week to be pulled out. We need that information to schedule our services.

Anyone needing assistance or more information on the pull-out process please feel free to contact us. We will walk you through the whole process and try to make it completely hassle free!

Other then that, we hope you hook every last perch you can, while you can, to make the perfect end to what was practically the perfect boating season!