Launch the boats, Launch the boats, Launch the boats….rinse, repeat.

Also, for best results…just add water!.. We know it’s kinda campy, but we are pleased that despite a week of up and down weather we were able to make quite a splash at your home-port with boat after boat headed toward the docks.

With every boat we launch the marina starts to look a little more like summer. In fact we’ve even taken a spin out on the Lake today and though it looks like occasional rain, it was nice to get that “Erie” feeling being back on the water again.

So if your still debating what needs done to get your boat ready, stop by and let us help you get your launch order filled out so you can be the next vessel sitting at the dock in ship-shape, ready to go.

We will be open 9-5  both Saturday and Sunday and hope to see you dockside.