Time to pull the boat before the temps fall with the leaves….

Well, tis the season. As boats start their migration toward shore and our staff leave us during the week to further their education here’s what you need to know about what that means for all of us at your family fun marina.


The Store-Office will be open from 10 am – 4 pm Mon-Fri, and gas docks hours are now 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please note the change if your coming out for pump out or fuel services gas docks are self serve weekdays and full service on weekends only.

Yet as the temps fall this week it may be a good time to get your pull-out order filled out and turned in so we can get you on the schedule. We have a full schedule for this coming week (10/24), but still have openings for the week of 10/31. If you need assistance or have questions with your order feel free to stop by we’d be glad to help.. Because you don’t want to be this guy…


After all, things are pretty colorful at your home-port!