“R” Times, They’re a Changing….

We know your out this weekend enjoying all that the Labor Day festivities have to offer. But we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t get you ready for the upcoming changes as we get ready for our Post-Labor Day schedule.

After all “R” hours are a changing…

First up, if your out and about at the home-port and wanting to make a splash this weekend, please do so as this will be the last weekend the pool will be open for the season. We will close and winterize the pool after Monday of this week.

Next, tomorrow will also be Putter-Ports last day of the season, so be sure to get out on the back nine for some last putts of the season as well. Also, Dairy Dock will be open till 9pm for the next week until it closes for the season Sunday Sept 7th.

Finally, as the kids go back to school, which includes much of our staff here at your home-port. Our newly revised fall hours will be 9am to 5pm seven days a week for the office and Gas docks. Please plan accordingly.

There is still a lot of good boating left, and we hope to see everyone at the Lake in the upcoming weeks. Till then, see you dockside!..