Vermilion Fish Festival to start with a BANG!

We know it’s a little ways off yet, but we thought we would get the word out about an exciting addition to this years Fish Festival. On June 14th, the Fish Festival committee will presenting a new event, FIREWORKS! This exciting event will take place right off of Vermilion’s own breakwall at the entrance to the harbor.

(pic below just a generalized example for entertainment purposes).


Due to the events newness, and the fact it will be held at the mouth of the Vermilion River there are some safety issues that all boaters should be aware of. The details below were provided by the Festival of the Fish committee and the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce:

  • Due to the safety of this event we are asking spectators and boaters to take a look at the map (below) of the area and please be aware of our safety zones that will be set in place.
  • The west entrance to the Vermilion River will not be accessible once the fireworks are placed on the break wall. We are asking that boaters use the east entrance to navigate both in and out of the Vermilion River .
  • There will be complete river closure starting at 9:30pm until 11pm.
  • The fireworks display is set to begin at 10:00pm.
  • There will be five to six temporary buoys set up 500’ around the detached break wall and boaters are permitted to watch the fireworks show on the north side of these buoys.
  • Both attached piers the one by Main Street Beach and the other by the lagoons beach will be off limits to spectators.
  • There will be no parking from Huron Street to Main Street Beach except for emergency vehicles only. This area will be blocked off for no parking
  • Thursday, June 13th @ midnight until after fireworks display is over @ 11pm on Friday, June 14th. Police will enforce this by towing your vehicle at owner’s expense.
    The fireworks display will be visible by personal boat on the Lake, Main Street Beach and Festival area.
  • Thank you in advance for understanding as we understand there maybe a few inconveniences.


So get ready to get a real bang out of your summer!

Weekend Update: Vermilion Harbor Info and more.

By now you may have read stories about the Vermilion River so we thought we would give you the latest information available. There has been a lot of talk and articles in the newspaper about the condition of the entrance of the Vermilion Harbor.

We want to share with you the current status as of two weeks ago from the annual soundings that the Vermilion Port Authority takes:


While it is true that there is an area to the west of the entrance that will need some attention, our boaters can rest at ease knowing that the river is indeed ready for boating. Of course you may want to go in and out via the east side of the break wall to avoid the area that has built up due to Super-Storm Sandy.


We also know the City and Port Authority are working diligently to fund the maintenance of the river and they have a long track record of finding and obtaining grants.

We look forward to a great boating year and hope you do too. See you dockside!

Now Open Saturday and Sunday 10-4!

Dairy Dock Opens Today!

Oreo Flurrys are in the forecast for today! Dairy Dock returns under somewhat soggy conditions as Vermilion’s official kick off to spring opens today at 11am. Ice Cream aficionados will have to brave the elements today for their favorite Cones, Shakes and Flurrys as Mother Nature holds true the saying about “April Showers”.


Despite the overcast skies, it is still a sure sign of sunny days ahead!

We hope to see you at the Double D!..

Natures Light Show…Fall Edition

After a week like super-storm Sandy, it sure is nice to follow it up with a week of sunny fall days and even better sunsets….

We certainly appreciate all the mild weather and temps as we wrap things up… Last night was so colorful that it left us seeing red!

If it doesn’t look like this where you boat, visit Vermilion and your Lake Erie Marina, right here at Romps!

Music, Flowers and a Sunset..Third Thursday Celebration Downtown Tonight

On almost every corner of Downtown Vermilion there will be music and merriment as the Third Thursday monthly celebration carries on tonight. You can stroll the Main Street area and enjoy a variety of tunes plus all the treats and fine shopping as well. The downtown merchants welcome you!

The best part is all the fun is within a short walk of your ‘Family Fun Marina!’

Get hooked on Vermilion’s Festival of the Fish

This weekend has a lot of fun on tap. First we have three days of merriment at Vermilion’s own Festival of the Fish featuring fun food and booths of all type, a parade with Fire Trucks, a crazy craft race, and a lighted boat parade. Plus you can actually avoid the bait and waiting for the bites and just buy a perch sandwich!

Then, of course, we can’t forget Dad. Romp’s dockers stop by dockside and buy dear ole’ Dad a Romps Famous Cheeseburger hot of the grill. And we’re not talking gas or propane, but old fashion charcoal like Dad used to make. Sunday the 17th at 11:30 till the coals get cold, in the Romper Room.

For a full schedule click below or visit Vermilion Chamber of Commerce