Sunset Romps

Tis a bit chilly..but. We all know that the cold weather outside now just makes us appreciate the warm that follows. Before you know it, we will start to think about putting boats in and hopefully forget all this single digit frigidness. In fact, here is a pic to help you think warm thoughts. Winter’s… Read More

Yule love time with family… It’s that time of year again, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost etc, and we are very much looking forward, as we do every year, to spending some of that Christmas time with our family and friends. But before we break out the eggnog, we better get you… Read More

Jolly Old Elf Visits Vermilion on his upcoming world tour. We have about another week to go before all of us here at Romp’s will take a bit of a holiday break to spend time with friends and family, and maybe even get some eggnog as well. We always look forward to Christmas as this… Read More

Brace your Elfs…For tis the season… We know it is still November but it hard to ignore the signs of the season all around us, one of which was Santa making an early visit to Vermilion, by boat of course. (pic below by Scott Dommin) And that’s just the beginning.. It’s also time to Branch… Read More